Thematic Mapping: Engine


Please note that you will need the Google Earth plugin to preview these thematic maps and you will need Google Earth to view the downloadable KML files.

  • Select a boudary type (Registation Districts, Edinburgh Cooperative Building Company or Sanitary Districts). Note that Registration Districts change shape over time.
  • Select a statistical indicator.
  • Select a year.
  • Choose from two thematic mapping techniques: choropleth or prism (3d choropleth).
  • Choose colour scale or single colour. The colour scale can be unclassed or classed (equal intervals or quantiles).
  • You can edit the default map description. Click down arrow next to Map Description to open dialog.
  • You can either preview the map or download a KML file to your computer.

Based on the Thematic Mapping Engine v1.6 © Bjørn Sandvik 2008 (GPLv3).